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Executive Leadership

I believe that we are our best selves when we consciously choose how we want to lead: “show up” in our daily interactions with our colleagues, families, friends, and strangers. When we make the time to examine and question our values and beliefs, we provide ourselves the opportunity for creating greater self-awareness and meaningful change in our lives.

Personal Journey

Do you wish to grow as a person, become more conscious and self-aware, but you are not sure how to begin? Are you about to make a major life change and need a non-judgmental friendly ear? I am here to support you on your journey.

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my purpose

My Life Purpose

Supporting people on their personal journey is my life’s purpose and greatest passion. I am happiest when I am able to help others attain their personal goals and celebrate their achievements. I believe everyone needs a “success team” consisting of family, friends, a coach and or therapy.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Change is life. Working with a Coach is a great way to gain greater self-awareness and to challenge old ways of thinking that are no longer serving you.

my story

My Story

Originally from the Garden State

I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 1993 with a BA in Secondary Education and History. I continued my journey westward to northern New Mexico to begin my career in teaching. After ten years working in both public and private schools, I was hired by Santa Fe Prep School to launch the Breakthrough Santa Fe program in 2003. In my sixteen years at Prep, I served as Breakthrough Executive Director, Director of Admissions, US History and New Mexico History Teacher, Advisor, and Coach. I received my Masters Degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College of Santa Fe, in 2009. I served on two community Santa Fe boards: The Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission, for nine years, and Communities in Schools of New Mexico for four years.


Since 2009, I have been traveling to Colombia, my mother’s homeland. Travel and being outdoors have always inspired me. After a memorable and significant trip down the winding Green River in Utah, I began focusing my attention on pursuing a wild and persistent dream.

In 2019, I sold all of my material possessions, and moved permanently to Cali, Colombia where I began a travel business for Americans interested in visiting Colombia: Todo Bien Colombia. I love traveling to the Caribbean and to the country’s Coffee Region, taking in the warm sea breezes and cool air of the mountains. In Cali, I spend much of my time with family, struggling with Spanish, drinking coffee, and traveling throughout my new country.


Certified Professional Coach
I became a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

I have been working with clients since 2021, and I am a Coach with [email protected], reuniting with my former Prep Head of School, (and friend) Jim Leonard. I believe that everyone has a purpose and can lead lives filled with greater passion, enjoyment, and abundance.

“All of what we want in life can be found by searching within.”
I invite you to email me and see how I may support you on your life’s journey.

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